Everyone is in a hurry to get their deliveries done and to get home to be with family and friends.  During this holiday season, PTS Logistics wishes to pause and say thank you to our customers and friends who have given us the opportunity to deliver for you through out this year.

While another well known guy offers direct delivery from the North Pole, PTS Logistics is the premier direct road feeder service provider between Chicago and Miami.  The Jolly Big Guy handles lots of toys, but we specialize in general cargo, dangerous goods and perishables.

Americans eat a bunch of Asparagus.  According to US Government Statistics more than 567 million pounds of Asparagus was imported to the US in 2018.  Much of our imported Asparagus arrives in Miami from countries like Columbia, Ecuador and Peru.

Once these shipments arrive at MIA, it is up to professional surface distribution providers like PTS Logistics to get these shipments to their finally destinations in markets like Chicago.  PTS Logistics offers direct shipping service- Monday through Saturday.

This time of year is brutal for traveling.  The roads are filled with people traveling all across the country trying to get to their destination on time.  

PTS Logistics hits the road six days a week (Monday through Saturday) with our scheduled road feeder service.  We are the leading provider of Direct surface shipping between Chicago and Miami.

Our customer's choose PTS logistics because they know that we are the Safe, Secure and Dependable Choice.

Let's face it, your TL or LTL freight coming out of Miami and headed North is important to you.  Business services including transportation has changed in recent years and thanks to the cell phone and the internet, the person you contact to ship your freight can easily be someone working from their kitchen table or moving freight as a side hustle.

PTS Logistics is proud to serve the World's largest IAC's and Freight Forwarding community.  We offer next day service both Northbound and Southbound between Chicago and Miami.

Serving our customers since 2004, PTS Logistics provides assurances that our professional teams of drivers can get your goods from here to there or from there to here.  

All of our assets are temperature controlled so whether Winter is hanging on in Chicago or the Summer heat has arrived early in Miami we have you covered.