Product Lines:

  • Consolidation / De-consolidation
  • Build / Break Ocean Containers
  • Build / Break Air Pallets
  • Inventory control
  • Pick-n-Pack
  • Bonded Container Freight Station
  • Customized Agent Handling for:
    • Freight Forwarders
    • Airlines
    • Trucking Companies
  • White Glove Service
  • EDI message alerts on customer cargo arrival

warehouse image

Warehouse Demographics:

  • 40,000 square feet
  • Racking
  • 32 digital cameras throughout facility
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Fully alarmed
  • 2 Receiving Stations
  • All personnel TSA and Customs approved


Air Freight Handling

Pallet Transfer Fees: Main-deck $85.00 Plus current FSC
  Lower-deck $55.00 Plus current FSC
  LD-3 $45.00 Plus current FSC
Import Fees: Main Deck Breakbulk $150.00
  Lower-deck Break-bulk $125.00
  LD-3 $95.00
Container Building Fees: LD7 / Main-deck $0.07 per kg ($225.00 min)
  LD7 / Lower-deck $0.07 per kg ($150.00 min)
  LD3 $0.07 per kg ($90.00 min)
Cross-Dock:   $.02 per lb. ($10.00 minimum/$250.00 cap per truck load)
Airport Transfer fee:   $.03 per lb. ($20.00 minimum)*
*Plus current FSC    


Ocean Freight Handling

Container Break-bulk (Devaning/Loading): 40 Foot $200.00
Includes normal/reasonable block and bracing material 20 Foot $150.00
Unusual or excessive block and brace material would be an additional charge. Load bars are available upon request for a charge of $40.00 each.    



Long term pre-arranged Storage: $2.50 per skid/week or $0.50/sq. ft. (Floor)
Any part of a week would be charged for a full week. $1.50 per skid/week or $0.25/sq. ft. (Rack)
Minimum charge $15.00
Short-term storage (Imports or not pre-arranged)  
Storage minimum: $15.00 per day
Storage rate: $0.01 per lb. per day
***Short term Storage will apply after 5 days free time. Requests for extensions must be received in writing.  
Cold Storage: Minimum $20.00/$56.00 per day (24 hours), Plus current FSC*


Miscellaneous Services

Pick-n-Pack $0.75 per ctn.
Skids supplied by PTS $8.00 per skid
Heat Treated Skids supplied by PTS $25.00 per skid
LCL Sorting (in addition to Ocean Freight Handling) $25.00 per hour, per man
Labeling $0.50 per label ($5.00 min)
Banding $8.50 per skid
Re Wrap Skid (s) $5.00 per skid
Uncrating $35.00 (includes disposal)
Terminal Handling Charge*** $35.00 per BOL
Hazardous Material Surcharge $35.00
PTT (Permit-to-Transfer) Free of charge
Split On Hand $2.50
DG checklist (IATA acceptance) $35.00 min. ($15.00 per UN # or $2.50/pc whichever is greater)
Cargo Screening $0.085 per kg ($20.00 min)
  • In the event of a consolidation, breakdown fee would apply to each HAWB that was processed.The terminal fee is based upon the level of cargo breakdown.
  • In the event of a single OBL or AWB the fee would apply to each.