Profiling your shipment requirements and finding the resource solutions that work for you and your customer.


Our unique process is focused on three key elements:

  • Profiling–PTS profiles your shipment to identify its true needs. The profile provides the necessary information required to create a solution tailored to fulfill those needs
  • Communication—PTS communicates the needs and solution to each person within your organization appointed as the contacts for your shipment. Expectations through these communications will be performed.
  • Anticipation—PTS anticipates the possibility of potential change during carefully planned movement. We anticipate a "what if" scenario and prepare potential solutions should plans change. Having "Plan B" accounts for unanticipated changes, allows adjustments to be made, and provides the best opportunity for the movement to continue as scheduled.


  • LTL—Less-Than-Truckload
  • TL—Truckload (EUV)
  • Pool Distribution—Consolidated full product distribution targeted into regional geographic markets
  • Flatbed—Standard, single step deck / double drop, conestoga, multi-axel, permits, we handle all complex project movements
  • CoolExpress—produce, high value pharmaceuticals, and other temperature controlled commodities that require protection from the harsh elements
  • HotShots—From cargo vans to 53' air-ride trailers
  • Specialized Logistics Equipment—load bars, decking, strapping, blanket wrap, white glove service
  • Exposition Transportation Services
  • Customs Bonded
  • TSA/STA Approved and Hazmat Drivers Available

From any point to any point within the United States and Canada

Our Goal:

To provide Custom Freight Solutions tailored to meet the complex needs of the domestic and international transportation community through creative forward thinking.