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PTS: Let's Stay Safe

Stay Home Stay Safe

We are quickly learning what it means to be "Essential"  it means that you are someone that others count on.  During the current virus outbreak we have also learned the importance of protecting our food supply and keeping our stores filled.

We have also learned that we all have a role to play.  For some the best thing that they can do is stay home and stay safe.  At PTS Logistics for our team's of drivers we are always committed to staying safe while we are on the road.

Monday through Saturday (6 days per week).  PTS Logistics' "team drivers" linehaul freight from Chicago to Miami and from Miami to Chicago.  Our PTS Logistics' team drivers are equipped with temperature controlled trailers, making us an ideal solution for shipments of pharmaceuticals, flowers, produce and other perishable goods.  

We are the only DIRECT shipping service option from Miami to Chicago- we are Essential to keep these critical shipments moving safely to you.  Whether you find yourself at home or working hard making it possible for others to stay safe- we appreciate you and are confident that together we can get through this challenging time.

We encourage you to contact our team of professionals to find out how PTS Logistics can help- Stay Safe!