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PTS Logistics: Keeping Things Cool When It is Hot Out


We are in the hottest time of the year, every day, the temperature outside from Miami to Chicago is in the red zone.  While others are hitting the beach, the professional team of drivers from PTS Logistics are making their scheduled runs from Miami to Chicago.

For those that have temperature sensitive shipments like flowers, pharmaceuticals etc.  having a reliable shipping partner is critical.  PTS Logistics is the only Direct Miami to Chicago shipper.  We offer temperature controlled transport to insure that your shipment arrives safely.

PTS Logistics: Straight Out of Miami

Miami skyline

PTS Logistics provides Daily Service to and from ORD-ATL-MIA.  As the only Direct Shipping provider from Miami to Chicago, our driver teams deliver service that you can count on.  PTS Logistics offers regular feeder schedules for LTL & Exclusive Use (EUV) and reefer transports.

Once in Chicago, we have the ability to deliver to major cities throughout the Midwest.  Thanks to our refrigerated trailers, many of our customers use us for shipping flowers, fruits and vegetables, pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive items.  

PTS Logistics: Temperature Controlled Transport

refigerated trailer

PTS Logistics Offers the Premier Temperature Controlled Direct Shipping Solutions Between Miami and Chicago.

PTS Logistics offers a complete range of temperatures, expedited team driving solutions and direct routes between Chicago and Miami.  If you are looking to solve challenges surrounding temperature controlled shipping, PTS Logistics can help you maintain the quality of your sensiti

PTS Logistics Certified Cargo Screen Facility

Cargo Screening

Since the introduction of the TSA's Certified Cargo Screening Program in 2010, a select number of companies have been certified.  PTS Logistics operates as a CCSF-Certified Cargo Screening Facility.  In addition to providing chain of custody and security procedures, PTS Logistics does all of this while at the same time insuring that your cargo is expedited.

In addition to our CCSF-Certified Cargo Screening Facility Services, PTS Logistics also provides these services as well:


PTS Logistics Our Warehouse Is Your Warehouse

Warehouse Services

PTS Logistics: Our Warehouse is Your Warehouse

PTS Logistics stands ready to meet the multiple shipping needs of our customers.  One of those key services includes General warehouse and distribution services.  Operating out of Chicago area facility, PTS Logistics offers scalable solutions to meet your particular needs.

In addition to our warehouse and distribution services, PTS Logistics Services Include:

PTS: Let's Stay Safe

Stay Home Stay Safe

We are quickly learning what it means to be "Essential"  it means that you are someone that others count on.  During the current virus outbreak we have also learned the importance of protecting our food supply and keeping our stores filled.

We have also learned that we all have a role to play.  For some the best thing that they can do is stay home and stay safe.  At PTS Logistics for our team's of drivers we are always committed to staying safe while we are on the road.