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PTS Logistics: Certified Cargo Screening Services


Most industry people know that we are the only surface distribution solutions provider that provides direct service from Miami to Chicago.  What you may not know is that as part of our solutions, PTS Logistics provides a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF).

Our goal when it comes to our Cargo Screening Facility is to help your freight avoid unnecessary delays and get to the front of the line for easy in and out services.  We ensure that your shipment is compliant in all aspects of TSA requirements.

It Is 2020 And It's Time To Hit The Road

Hit the Road

The marathon of 2020 has begun and PTS Logistics is ready to hit the road.  Whether you have Northbound shipments headed to Chicago or Southbound shipments headed to Miami, we have you covered.

PTS Logistics offers our professional team of drivers and our 53' Air Ride refrigerated trailers to insure that your flowers, produce or other perishable goods will arrive safely.  

With about 20 years of experience successfully offering direct surface distribution solutions between ORD and MIA, PTS Logistics is the premier provider of direct road feeder service.

Asparagus: Our Ground Game Can't Be Beat


Americans eat a bunch of Asparagus.  According to US Government Statistics more than 567 million pounds of Asparagus was imported to the US in 2018.  Much of our imported Asparagus arrives in Miami from countries like Columbia, Ecuador and Peru.

Once these shipments arrive at MIA, it is up to professional surface distribution providers like PTS Logistics to get these shipments to their finally destinations in markets like Chicago.  PTS Logistics offers direct shipping service- Monday through Saturday.

PTS Logistics Gets Your Perishables Delivered On Time

Pumpkin Delivery

This time of year is brutal for traveling.  The roads are filled with people traveling all across the country trying to get to their destination on time.  

PTS Logistics hits the road six days a week (Monday through Saturday) with our scheduled road feeder service.  We are the leading provider of Direct surface shipping between Chicago and Miami.

Our customer's choose PTS logistics because they know that we are the Safe, Secure and Dependable Choice.

Chicago Winter Weather Is Coming and We Are Ready

Are you ready

PTS Logistics is pleased to offer Containerized Airport Transfers.  Thanks to our fleet of Roller Bed trailers and 4 position Step Deck Roller Bed Trailers and Portable Roller Bed Systems, PTS is well positioned to provide containerized airport transfers for our clients for airlines and truck lines within O'Hare Airport, Elk Grove Wood Dale, Bensenville, and Des Plaines.